Professional services


We offer training courses intended to learn how to perform digital investigations. We also offer advanced incident response training and DFF modules development courses.

  • Digital forensics basis
  • Windows forensics and live response analysis with DFF
  • Python scripting for DFF
  • Tailored training program (RAM analysis, in-depth filesystems review, …)

 Software engineering

Our expertise developing Digital Forensics Framework software allows our research and development team to adapt this solution to specificities and constraints of your projects.

These developments concern all or part of the software, the graphical user interface, plugins, API.  This list has no limit as the flexibility of Open Source software allows us to extend the functionality at will.

  • Specifications
  • Software and hardware architecture
  • Software development
  • User interfaces & experiences
  • Custom integrations
  • Software maintenance

 Consultative support

Time hire provides the flexibility of bringing in our experts consulting on an as-needed basis.

ArxSys consultants will work closely with your team. They can assist customers by providing help in several areas, including:

  • Digital forensics lab setup
  • Incident response support
  • Digital evidence management
  • Large scale investigation process