So long, and thanks for all the fish ...

We're sad to announce that we have chosen to stop our adventure at ArxSys and are now closing the company.
The company has been created 9 years ago and we have been working on DFF since 11 years. Those years were really interesting, we have learned lot of things both technically and as entrepreneur. 
We also met and exchanged a lot with the security and  forensics community, either from customers or during conferences and training we have attended and given, and it really was a pleasure.
However managing a business dedicated to open source forensics software is difficult and low-paying and we prefer to look for more stable jobs. Nevertheless DFF was quite a success with more than 150 000 unique visitors for this website and 10 000 downloads per year in average for the Windows version of DFF (Linux version is directly packaged for most distributions so we can't count).
We were happy to help and share with the community and we will certainly release DFF Pro and other internal tools as open-source in the near future. We will also continue to contribute to the project as spare time. 
We are currently looking for new opportunities and you can still contact us via our e-mail, or our linkedin pages if you have any question or offers. 
We hope many of you had enjoyed our products and services during those years and we'll enjoy to be able to continue to share with you in the future.
Solal Jacob.
PS : You can still get the sources and download the installers on github